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5 tips to sell your home, fast!

9th Sep, 2013

Selling your home can be a long, stressful and disappointing time – but it doesn’t have to be.

With the right knowledge, and a little care and attention given to the right property aspects, you can achieve a quick and easy sale, and get a good price!

Let’s look at those important things you need to be doing if you’re to attract any kind of buyer into purchasing your property.

Get curb appeal

It’s not just the inside of the property that matters – the outside is just as important, and it’s vital in forming positive first impressions. Sort the garden out, give the front door a new lick of paint and stand out from those houses in your immediate vicinity.

Get rid of the clutter

Every home viewer will enter your property prepared to use a certain amount of their imagination.

A home viewer will need to visualise how the property will accommodate all their things, and how it could look with a new coat of paint. So try and help them visualise things a little better, and get rid of the clutter.

Clutter is distracting, make a home look busier and less capable of storing all those essential items than it actualy is. So make your rooms feel bigger: put larger items you don’t use into storage, get rid of those bathroom products, the magnets on the fridge and the pile of DVDs by the television.

Tell as many people as you can

You’d be surprised at home effective word of mouth is in helping families move out of their home and relocate quickly.

So speak to the neighbours, tell your friends and family members and spread the word.

Choose the right estate agent

Picking the right estate agent is an important decision that you need to think very carefully about.

Take a look at previous experience and consider their staff’s knowledge of the local area to establish an estate agent’s suitability. Here at Radcliffe & Rust we have an excellent knowledge of Cambridge and the surrounding areas, being born and raised locally.

Price right

If you’ve made the necessary changes and modifications to your property, you shouldn’t need to rely on being the lowest-priced property out there to win a sale.

But you will need to price sensibly and appropriately. Look at comparable homes in your area and look around online to establish a base figure.