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5 things you can do to improve your credit score

12th May, 2014

Approach lenders for a mortgage and they’ll use credit reference agencies to verify how good your credit is. This is common practice. A decent credit Read more

R&R Jargon Buster

7th May, 2014

Whether you are selling a property, getting a re-mortgage, looking for your next investment or taking part in any number of other property related transactions, Read more

Simple staging tips to sell your house

23rd Apr, 2014

Put a property on the market and the ideal scenario is you get a quick sale – how you present the house will have a Read more

Buying houses at auction – what to look for

2nd Apr, 2014

If you’re a fan of ‘Homes under the Hammer’ on the BBC you’ll understand why buying a property at auction is such an exciting process. Read more

How to settle in your new home sooner

24th Feb, 2014

Getting settled in a new home take time, especially if you have moved to a totally different area. Not only will you have to get Read more

5 things you need do when moving into your new house

13th Feb, 2014

Moving home is always a stressful time. It doesn’t matter how you go about it, or how efficient you might be at it, it’s always Read more

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