Welcoming to our planning page!

At Radcliffe & Rust we don’t just sell or let properties you already own. We can help make additional properties a reality or your almost worthless piece of land into something quite valuable.

At some point in their life most people will have either sold or let a property; we are sure you have at least some knowledge of how this process works. This almost certainly isn’t the case, for most people, with regards to planning applications and gaining planning permissions…

Do you own a piece of land that you’ve always wondered about? Do you have a garden far too large for your current needs but don’t want to move to a new house? Have you just purchased land but require advice on how best to maximise its potential? We can advise you on the best steps to take in order to find out if gaining planning permission is possible, better still take care of the whole process for you and capitalize on the true potential of your land.

Seeking and gaining planning permission can often be a costly process with no guarantee of the big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you don’t have the money to throw at a planning application don’t worry. In many cases we have been able to realise the potential of our customers land completely free of charge whilst still achieving them full market value for the land once planning permission is granted.

To find out more just drop us an email or give the office a call and ask to speak with Richard Rust. He can then visit for a free no obligation consultation with you.