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Moving House Checklist: What to Remember When Moving

7th Aug, 2019

Radcliffe & Rust Moving House Checklist


Like two sides of the same coin, moving homes often brings untold levels of elation and stress in equal measures. Here at Radcliffe & Rust, we know just how exciting it can be to move homes, what with planning how your new home will be decorated and marvelling at the possibilities of what could be in a new area, but we also know just how much pressure it can place upon your shoulders.

This is why we’ve put together a helpful checklist; one that can give you a battle plan for the big day and even prepare you throughout the entire process:


There are other things to consider before you start counting down the weeks until the big move-in day. Make sure you check these vital last-minute questions from either the sellers or the estate agents you’re dealing with. It’s easy to forget these minor questions when swept up in the excitement of moving, so be sure to add these to your ‘moving house checklist’:


  • Essential Utilities Information: Where are the meters (water, gas, electricity, etc) and the likes of thermostats based? Where is the main stopcock?
  • Essential Area Information: Which companies offer the best value, greatest quality or, in some cases, only possible energy, broadband and phone line suppliers? What days are the bins collected, and do these days frequently change?
  • Essential Home Information: Does the home include any fixed furniture or appliances, such as kitchen cabinets and dishwashers, and are there any manuals or warranties on either of these inclusions?
  • Home Maintenance Information: Are there any surfaces that require specific or special cleaning products? If the walls have been painted in the last few years, are there any leftover paint tins?

However, everybody needs a little help now and then, especially if you need a safe haven to keep your belongings. This is why storage units can be a godsend during those hectic days, which is why the likes of WhatStorage? can be invaluable.

There’s also the actual task of moving to keep in mind. Our helpful checklist has referenced getting help from friends and family, but even with the support of the best network on earth, it’s going to get tough moving everything out of even a small home. Radcliffe and Rust know how hard it can be to find trustworthy removal companies in Cambridge, but WeCare Removals can provide all the help and support you’d need on the big day.

With these issues and everything from the checklist addressed, you should be able to take on moving day with confidence.