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How to settle in your new home sooner

24th Feb, 2014

Getting settled in a new home take time, especially if you have moved to a totally different area. Not only will you have to get used to the different layout of the property, you’ll have to find your feet in the neighbourhood too. Try these ideas if you are moving into a new dwelling, they should help you feel at home in hardly any time at all.

Speak to the neighbours – Once you unpack, knock on the doors of your neighbouring properties, introduce yourself to the people you’ll be living next door to for the foreseeable future. Invite them round for drinks and nibbles one evening, it’s a good way to get to know them and it’s nice to know who’s living either side of you.

Get to know the school crowd – If your children are starting a new school they’ll feel nervous and you’ll feel anxious, so try to engage in conversation with other parents in the playground before school starts. Once you’re ‘in’ with the school crowd it’ll feel like you are part of the community.

Join a gym – Have a good workout and get to meet people at the same time. Go to the gym at the same time each week and you are bound to see a few regulars, strike up a conversation and after a while you’ll have gym ‘buddies’ to pound the treadmill with.

Go for a drink with work mates – If you are moving home because of a new job get to know your colleagues as soon as you can. Accept invites to go for drinks after work, attend ‘leaving dos’ and generally put yourself forward for any ‘out of work’ activities that drop onto the radar, it’ll be good for working relationships and better for your social life too.

Look for local clubs or societies – A good way to meet new people and make friends in a new area is to join local clubs or search for societies. Whether this is the local am-dram society, a dance club, non-league football team or knitting circle, register your interest and meet people with similar hobbies and interests.

Just try some of these ideas if you are moving home in a different area, if you want advice about conveyancing, house sales or renting, give us a shout at Radcliffe & Rust, we want to get you settled as soon as possible.