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Simple staging tips to sell your house

23rd Apr, 2014

Put a property on the market and the ideal scenario is you get a quick sale – how you present the house will have a say in this area. Buyers liked to be wowed the moment they walk into a house and there are clever tips and subtle exercises you can undertake to convince them this is the house of their dreams.

Here are our staging tips if you are selling a house, get the look and the feel of the property right and you won’t have a for sale sign up for long.

Paint – Bold paint schemes might be your personal favourite but not everyone wants a bright red wall or an aqua marine colour scheme in their lounge. Depersonalise the paint throughout the home, go for a neutral look and take the subtle approach, present the interior as a blank canvas, let the buyers feel like this is their home and let them imagine how they’d decorate the property once they move in.

Space – Make the most of what you have. Cut back on clutter where you can, if you have too much furniture place some into storage whilst you sell the home.  Use natural light where possible to create the feeling of space, hide things away if necessary, don’t have buyers tripping over items the moment they walk through the door.

Scent – Natural scents are a nice touch when you are selling a property, fresh flowers in the lounge add a splash of colour and create a wonderful aroma, whilst the smell of biscuits baking in the oven create a pleasant aroma in the kitchen and give the house a ‘homely’ feel. Don’t go overboard with scents though, just make the dwelling smells nice, nasty niffs are a turnoff when you are selling a house.

Clean – Aim for a spotless appearance when you are selling your home. Clean the outside and the inside of the property and leave the home sparkling. Buyers don’t want to see grime, they want to picture the property as ‘ready to move in’ so shampoo carpets and polish glass to create a clean and fresh appearance.

Light – Use table lights and feature lighting to bring your property to life, this is important if people come to view the property on a dull day. Some rooms can appear to be cold on first impression, switch on a few lights and they’ll suddenly burst into life.

Music – Subtle background music is useful too when you are selling a house. Try to avoid heavy metal pumped out at maximum volume though, soft music played at a moderate level creates a harmonious feeling around the property.

Do all the above to stage a property and you’ll move a step closer to selling the home.