Welcome to the new Radcliffe & Rust blog. My name is David and I am one of the Directors of Radcliffe & Rust.

My business partner & I, Richard, will be adding a post to this blog on a roughly weekly basis. Our hope is that you, our existing, previous and future customers, find what we have to say interesting and one day start to rely on it as a source to find helpful information on the property market and wider industry.

The timing of starting this blog sits with a fairly recent move to our new offices on Newmarket Road, Cambridge and the launch of our new website (thanks Douglass Digital). Starting a blog, at this rather exciting time for Radcliffe & Rust, feels like the next natural step.

Topics will likely range from new legislation in the residential sales and lettings sectors, our thoughts on market conditions and (from time to time) additions from companies and individuals that we have worked closely with, that we feel would add something to what we are trying to create here.

My cat Frank may also make the odd appearance. His additions will be notable by the gibberish he decides to type for me, when I am not paying him enough attention, or his food bowl is empty.

So, please sit back and browse our lovely new website and please come back from time to time to read mine & the team’s musings.

David Radcliffe