Keeping an eye on the legal work…

In our experience, there is nothing more stressful than finding the right buyer only for your sale to fall apart due to a lack of communication.

At Radcliffe & Rust, we have teamed up with Conveyancing Direct. Conveyancing Direct offer a personal service and unlimited advice, meaning you will be allocated your own qualified property lawyer who can give unlimited advice about any aspect of conveyancing without any extra charge. You only pay the fixed fee that has been quoted.

Our conveyancing solution, provided by Conveyancing Direct:

No non-refundable deposit

Unlike other firms, we DO NOT ask for non-refundable deposits at the beginning of the transaction. When we say, no move – no fee, we mean, no move – no fee.

No move – No fee

With the best will in the world sometimes property transactions do not always go through first time. In these instances we have a policy of not making any charges for any legal work we might have done, no matter why the deal does not go through.

Value for Money

There are many companies in the industry offering a wide spectrum of fees for their services, ranging from the very cheap to the very expensive.

At Conveyancing Direct we understand that value for money is of the utmost importance which is why we offer the perfect balance. Our transparency from the outset together with our fees superbly reflects the quality of service and benefits that our clients expect.

No need to visit our offices

Because our systems are designed to do everything by phone, e-mail and post, there is no need for our clients to spend their valuable time or money visiting our offices.

Unlimited advice on conveyancing

We do not charge by the hour. We give unlimited advice about any aspect of conveyancing without any extra charge whatsoever, so irrespective of how much time we spend on your transaction, you only pay the fixed fees that we have quoted. We give our clients peace-of-mind.

Available until 7pm weekdays, and open weekends

We know how important it is that our clients are kept up to date throughout the whole transaction and so fully appreciate that it is often inconvenient to contact us during standard working hours. This is why we took the decision to stay open Saturdays and until 7pm throughout the week.

Excellent customer service

With our expertise and by utilising the latest technology, our clients receive the highest standard of customer service. We also explain everything step-by-step in plain English.

Twenty years experience

We are experts at residential conveyancing – it is what we do, and we will get your transaction through to completion as quickly as possible.

Solid protection

We adopt best practice processes throughout the transaction ensuring your interest is fully protected every step of the way.

Ping us an email and we will arrange a quote from our conveyancing provider