2nd May 2019

From start to finish, I was very impressed with Radcliffe & Rust, especially my agent Craig Kay. When I first inquired about the possible sale of my home, they answered the phone, gave me concrete answers to my questions and made it very clear they were interested in obtained my business. This is essential…I live abroad and was certainly not going to waste my time, much less money, on someone who couldn’t even be bothered to pick up a phone or follow up on a phone call. Craig’s valuation of my home was spot on and fees were transparent and reasonable.

Once an offer was made, he gave me very level-headed advice on how to proceed, clearly keeping my interests in mind, as well as the buyer’s interests. He also never really pressed me in one direction or the other, which is important. I’ve encountered some estate agents who seem to think they should have the last say when it comes to what I do with my own home, which is insulting to say the least. Craig was nothing like that. He offered balanced counsel while at the same time always respecting my personal sovereignty, if you want to call it that.

Lastly, from my acceptance of the offer to the time the required funds were in my account (completion), Craig followed through with keeping the process moving. For example, on the day of completion Craig made a phone call to solicitors which expedited the arrival of the funds into my account, without which I would have had to wait probably to the end of the business day. This also enabled the buyers to get the keys sooner rather than later. I can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Radcliffe and Rust, in particular, Craig Kay. I suspect the buyers were similarly pleased. If ever I return to Cambridge, I know where my first stop will be to look for a home.

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